Orchestras and bands in Peru

We offer to him but varied and different musical show that it has seen, with musical magazines, clothes changes, choreographies, etc. Doing of its celebration but.

Orquesta Digital Lima Band

Llevamos nuestro espectáculo a todos los distritos de Lima y provincias.
Lima, Chorrillos, Santiago de Surco, Barranco, Lince, La Molina, Santa Anita, Pueblo Libre, Miraflores, Breña, Magdalena, San Isidro, San Miguel, More... - Lima - Peru

Orquesta Zona Vip

We offer to him but varied and different musical show that it has seen, with musical magazines, clothes changes, choreographies, etc. doing of its celebration but it cheers and the best one, with present music and for all time, for all the tastes and ages. We animate marriages, celebrations of 15 years, silver wedding, corporative golden wedding, celebrations, megaeentos, familiar More...
Calle Elias Aguirre 134 - Miraflores - Arequipa - Peru

Mariachi bands in Peru - amarillasperu.net
We take care of events like serenades, marriages, goodbyes as a single person, baptisms, corporative meetings, deprived celebrations, quincea?eros, silver wedding, etc. Our grouping has...

Guía de trabajo y empleos en Peru - GuiaTrabajo.com
Encuentra trabajo o personal en Peru. Anuncios gratuitos con curriculum.

Tenny Coll Orquesta y Coros

Liven up your event with the orchestra, chorus, violins, flutes.

For weddings, birthday, baby showers, masses, weddings receptions, shows: companies, Cacine, institutions, rent audio systems for conferences exhibitions, ceremonies, festivals, etc..
Alameda de la paz Nº 560 dpto 303 - La Molina - Lima - Peru

Jorge Chicoma Y Orquesta Show

Jorge Chicoma Y Orquesta Show We handle everything related to music, show and live entertainment. We live orchestra, group digital, crazy hour, children's shows, animation gymkhanas, Creoles and mariachi ensembles, sound system and lights dj professional digital films on DVD, host to all kinds of events, dance groups (coastal, mountains and jungle), waiter service, tables, chairs, tents and stages, showman for (dinner, bachelor party, baby More...
- San Miguel - Lima - Peru

Artists in Peru
We offer our customer all kinds of music: salsa, merengue, ballads, cumbia, huayno, jungle, boleros, Creole, etc. with one guaranteed to have unforgettable moments. We...

Sound equipment rental in Peru - amarillasperu.net
We are a company dedicated to the accomplishment of events of all type, but our specialties mainly are the celebrations, or a celebration of normal...

Orquesta Internacional Elio Zuarez y La Tropa

The best alternative live music, is called "Zuarez and TROA Elio", a relatively young group, vocalist and director of national of Argentina, Elio Zuarez, decided to bet on our country with a different musical alternative it has been very good acceptance among the public. The main feature is the domain of musical genres such as cumbia, Latin pop, salsa and More...
Lima - San Isidro - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Lizbeth Clavo

Grupo Musical para Fiestas

We are professionals of music - we brightened up all kinds of social events, employers, marriages - etc
We traveled all over the country
Electronic keyboard, bass guitar, acoustic, electronic drums and vocals -
varied music for all tastes
Los Olivos - estamos a 01 cuadra de la Municipalidad - Oficina propia - cuadra 6 Av. Carlos Izaguirre - Lima - Peru

Producciones Huaranga music

Orchestras, recording studios, sound and lights.
Av. Alfonso Ugarte 504 - Lima - Peru

Wedding planners in Peru - amarillasperu.net
Company dedicated to the service of decoration of rooms for weddings, 15 years, baptisms, children and other Development and installation of Venetian blinds, Arabs,...

Rumba Kaliente Orquesta digital y/o en vivo

Rumba Kaliente Orquesta digital y/o en vivo Digital Orchestra and / or live we offer the best musical show for your event with the best of tropical music and other genres.
finally arrived in the orchestra file is gaining attention throughout lima "Rumba Kaliente" always with the best musical repertoire for the most demanding musicians and singers we have long experience with musical make your event unforgettable not More...
Orquesta en lima - villa el salvador
orquesta en san juan de miraflores, villa maria del triunfo, lima, cono sur - cono Norte, orquesta digital, miraflores, san isidro, surco, orquesta en More... - Villa El Salvador - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Luigi Salcedo Gómez

Mariachi "Aventurero"... puritito corazón

We are a mariachi, with young musicians with presence and dominion of verified scene. Impeccably uniformed, precise, responsible and mainly with experience within the musical artistic scope. The mariachi " Aventurero" always thinking about the public it presents/displays two groupings. First it consists half an hour of Five musicians impeccably uniformed with new instruments to S/.150 the hour and S/.100. More...
Mz "G" Lote 20 Residencial "Versalles", Urb. Vista Hermosa. - Trujillo - Peru

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