Restaurants in Los Olivos (Lima, Peru)

Specialty in the authentic food arequipe?a.

South American restaurants in Los Olivos
Offers its customers exquisite food worthy as the stick pig, lamb, duck and guinea pig to the pole, local food, and variety of seafood, we...

Gourmet restaurants in Los Olivos
It is a company of catering with sixteen years of experience counting on a work party highly described. Our mission is to satisfy the exigencies...

Spanish cuisine in Lima -
Our company, this dedicated to the heading of restaurants, right now has 2, one located in Miraflores and in center Historical second of Lima, just...

Party rooms in Lima
We provide personalized service organization, advice and attention from all kinds of social events, corporate, proms and parties. ...

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La Chaucalla

Specialty in the authentic food arequipe?a.
Luis Giribaldi N° 839 - La Victoria - Lima - Peru

GURU Kebab&Curry Indian and Pakistani Cuisine

GURU Kebab&Curry Indian and Pakistani Cuisine Our pioneering restaurant in Lima offers the secrets and delights of Indian and Pakistani Cuisine, let us send you on an adventure filled with flavors and aromas that you`ll enjoy and prefer.
Av. Benavides 3796. - Santiago de Surco - Lima - Peru

Servicios S&S

Specialist in the preparation from pig to the Creole wood, chickens to the firewood, pachamanca, buffet or others.
Company that is dedicated to give service at home and to any place it asks for where it.
Av. Mayta Capac Lote 1 "A" Tambo Viejo - Cieneguilla - Lima - Peru

Hielo Pinguino

Bucket - Raspadilla - Frosted
Av. Huaylas 2270 - Chorrillos - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Inversiones Etrabal SAC

Paso Obligao

Everything what we cooked does in furnace of mud to the firewood, ribs, mushrooms, cheeses, and but ......
Av.Manuel Valle Mz G lote 10. A 2km del cruce de ingreso al pueblo de Pachacamac - Lima - Peru

Super Tasty

Super Tasty It is a company of fast food service. Our company offers above all the highest quality in all products, in addition to an optimal customer service, since we consider the specific needs of the client. In Super Tasty give you the best sevice to each of you.

We serve our customers in a personalized way, volcándonos in service to each More...
Av. avenida Carlos Valderrama n° 195 rimac lima peru - Rímac - Lima - Peru

Cafe Colombia

Cafe Colombia Rest. BAR of Colombian typical food. Music and dances a corner of Colombia in Peru.
Av. La Paz 646, interior 19, Pasaje el Suche, - Miraflores - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Martha Morales

zojo servicios gastronómicos y catering

Anticucheria with a good attention is a restaurant
Jirón Monitor Huáscar 670 dpto. 203 - Rímac - Lima - Peru
Rpte: jorge luis davila Acevedo

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